Welcome to Folkloreate!

Welcome to Folkloreate!


Folkloreate FolkloreMy name is Jacqueline Maier, I’m a 20-something with a passion for folklore, mythology, ancient history and the occult. I have an A.A in Ethnic Studies and I am about to embark on a journey to explore folklore and traditions from throughout the world. I hope to share every step of that journey with you; the reader.

WHAT IS “folkloreate”?

Folkloreate is a portmanteau, or blend word, of “folklore” and “laureate.”

In other words:

Folklore + Laureate = Folkloreate


My core goal of this blog is to explore the concept of great, compelling storytelling. I will be primarily retelling age old folklore from cultures throughout the world in my own unique flavor. Something similar to what is done at AmericanFolklore.net. But, be ready to expect a bit of everything and be sure to share any ideas, experiences, or stories of your own!


You can be sure to expect a new blog entry every Tuesday like clockwork. Just please remember, to err is to be human, and I am only a mere mortal after all.


You are more than welcome to jump in on the discussion with your own input or links to your own relevant blog posts. Don’t have your own online space? No problem. If you have written a relevant article that you would like to see displayed here, just let me know by sending a short description of your ideas to folkloreate.blog@gmail.com. You will be sure to receive credit where credit is due on any content you’ve provided. Also, don’t forget to like and follow Folkloreate on facebook! It’s another great way to get in touch.

So, don’t be shy, go ahead and introduce yourself! What is your most beloved folktale, legend, myth or story?


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